About Rebecca Gordon

Throughout my life change has taken me into unknown areas of the stretch zone. One profound change occured as I went through divorce. After 19 years of being in a relationship, it felt as if all the balls were up in the air. One thing was for sure - I had to make a conscious decision about where they would land. I didn't know it at the time, yet this critical way of managing this change situation went on to positively shape the rest of my life post-divorce.

Another life transformation took place as a result of my self-initiated voluntary work in Tanzania. Little did I know that working with Tanzania Youth in Action and delivering business incubation sessions to entrepreneurs would be a direct catalyst to becoming a coach. 

In 2008, I decided to change my life by resigning from my job as a Lecturer to focus on coaching training. This change required me to recognise short term sacrifice is necessary for long-term success. I also learned that through the Law of Attraction, when you make a decision, the Universe provides the people, tools, resources and willpower that can facilitate change. As I studied and learned the principles of coaching, this empowered me to gain more confidence and overcome fear.

Monumental moments can bring an array of emotions that keep us stuck in the feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty as we move through the cycle of change. My life lessons, knowledge and experience of coaching has given me the skills to lead people and teams through change. An objective, confidential professional, I enjoy facilitating the teaching and learning process and feel blessed to be on purpose helping others to flourish, change and grow.


What Clients Say

A mesage from Satellite Life Coaching

The most rewarding and satisfying thing about being a life coach is knowing that the clients that I have worked with, make changes that set them onto a wonderful new life path. Clients have given feedback that this would not have occurred without the intervention of coaching.


With life being challenging and hectic, spending just one hour a fortnight with a Life Coach is a small action that makes a massive difference. This massively increases positive outcomes and the achievement of personal and professional goals. Having coaching helps to raise creative ideas, maintain positive beliefs and have greater certainty about how to accomplish much needed changes through clear thinking. Importantly, coaching helps with accountability which means that "I do what I say I am going to do".


I feel privileged to have coached and trained hundreds of people worldwide (Africa, Eastern Europe and The Caribbean) as well as in the UK, I am experienced with supporting people from particular cultures or who come from diverse backgrounds to transition through change and transformation. I would welcome the opportunity to share more about how I can help you through coaching. Start your journey today by booking your free consultation to find out how you can accomplish more through having coaching with me. I look forward to speaking with you.