Terms and Conditions of Service


The terms and conditions below apply to all coaching provided by Rebecca Gordon of Satellite Life Coaching and Training (“Rebecca”) to any individual or organisation (“the Client”) and constitutes the contract for the service to be provided by Rebecca for the client. The term ‘coaching’ used below means one to one Life and Personal Performance Coaching.
In return for the fees payable by the client (or a third party on their behalf), Rebecca Gordon, Satellite Life Coaching, agrees to provide the service as described below and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. The client agrees to pay the fees for the professional service on the terms and conditions set out below (in situations where a third party pays the fees, the third party counts as an agent acting on behalf of the client).
  1. This Coaching Programme is for between 1 and 12 coaching sessions booked as a Coaching Programme with the Coaching Programme completed within 3 - 5 months of this date. 
  2. The duration of each coaching meeting is 60 minutes*.
  3. The length of an email exchange is equivalent to one side of A4 paper.
  4. This agreement is for Professional Life Coaching at the specified fee (that may be at a discount) at the time the service is taken up (Standard Fee is £75 per session).


  1. The charge for this Professional Programme of Life Coaching sessions is at the rate as specified for the Coaching Programme of the agreed number of sessions.
  1. Upon cleared funds, a receipt for payments will be issued to via electronic mail.
  2. Please read the Satellite Life Coaching Confirmation of Fees Contract for details of the payment schedule.
  3.  During or upon completion of this Programme, a Client may choose to maintain additional or optional coaching on a Programme.  The Terms and Agreement of any subsequent Coaching Programme are separate and independent of this agreement for Coaching Sessions.
  1. Dialogue that takes place in the coaching relationship is confidential.  The client and Coach will not record any of the coaching sessions (whether over the telephone, electronically or face-to-face), unless an agreement has been made. 
  2. Any information given during a coaching session is private and confidential whether it is of a personal, private or business nature.  The only exception to this confidentiality is if the information is such that a minor, yourself or another were in serious or mortal danger.  Even then, you would be adivsed that this confidentiality would be broken for this specific reason and no other.


  1. If you cannot make a scheduled meeting, please notify your coach by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), telephone (+ 44 121 411 9500) or text (+44 7833 461 773) giving a minimum of 48 hours notice. In exceptional circumstances, your Coach may need to rearrange a coaching session and will give you a minimum of 48 hours notice in this event, where practical.
  2. There is no refund of payment for cancelled sessions within this Programme.
  3. Coaching cannot take place where the Coaching Agreement has not been signed and returned.


  1. You, the client, enter the coaching sessions with full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results. You understand that you are fully responsible for your well-being, choices, decisions and actions taken during and after the coaching sessions.
  2. Coaching provided by Rebecca via Satellite Life Coaching is not advice, therapy or counselling and does not involve medical support of any kind. 
  3. The client accepts that the Coach is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences that may arise as a result of any information, guidance or referral by the Coach.
  4. Your Coach, cannot be held liable for misrepresentations, negligence, breaches of contract, misconduct, or any claims made by or against your Coach in their individual or corporate capacity.
  5. No responsibility is taken by your Coach for any loss, damage or injury to you or your property as a result of Coaching obtained through this service.
  6. In order to honour and protect the Coach’s intellectual property, you agree not to disclose or communicate information about my personal information, practice, materials or methods to any third parties.
  7. The details of this agreement remain confidential. No part of this agreement may be reproduced, extracted or disclosed without written consent from Rebecca Gordon, Director of Satellite Life Coaching & Training.
You commit to:
  1. Attend all  sessions in the programme and do so in a timely basis.
  2. To take full responsibility for all choices, decisions and changes in your life.


  1. You and your Coach have the opportunity to provide each other with a 7 day notice period to terminate the Coaching Programme. Termination will only be accepted from you in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  1. In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or unavailability due to bereavement or other commitments, inappropriate behaviour by the client, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons, your Coach can decide to terminate the service to you early or refuse or be unable to provide further coaching sessions.
  2. In such circumstances, you will be given reasonable notice of termination where practicable and will be refunded any advance payments made for coaching sessions not yet provided.
  3. You are entitled to terminate the service early at any time by giving written notice by letter to the address stated below.
  4. Such notice will take effect immediately as the letter is received. In such circumstances, you will be entitled to a full refund for any coaching sessions already paid for but not provided.


  1. You will be asked to provide a written testimony of how the coaching programme has helped you, or your thoughts on your Coach’s abilities as a Coach, for display on Satellite Life Coaching and Training website.
  1. By accepting this agreement you declare that you fully understand the Terms and Conditions of Service.
  2. If the Terms and Conditions set out in this agreement are not agreed to and signed, participation by any individual in the first coaching session constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.