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Life Coaching

What is Self Actualization Coaching?
Coaching helps you to make sense of your emotional and practical development. You are supported to raise awareness of the skills that can help you to have confidence in achieving what is important to you. Crucially, this means that you can experience greater happiness as a result of heightening your skills to manage in a range of life situations.

Self Actualization Coaching is reflective. It requires you to be aware of your subjective feelings on what the purpose of life means to you. Setting life priorities and achieving more, can be considered to be a direct result of  Self Actualization, as a result of being guided to challenge your reality.

Each persons personal journey through life will influence their perspective going forward. Self Actualization Coaching supports this as it helps you to look into your life in relation to the choices that bring happiness and personal success. Coaching is therefore utilized, not as a means of enforcement, but as a contemplative and reasoning tool. Coaching widens viewpoints and provides an area of stretch through exploring options and opportunities.

Self Actualization Coaching is used as a guide to assist with bringing balance and alignment with your life purpose and your choices and goals. Coaching facilitates you to maneuver through growth and development by taking a curious approach to a goal or numerous goals that you have set.


The Five Steps


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Enabling you to reassess your life is about providing an opportunity to explore the current perspectives that you have. This is altering ways of being and living through shedding light on unexplored areas of the self. This can also be a way of giving time and a safe space for you to be more inquisitive and analytical into your life choices and the paths that you decide to take and why.

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Setting new goals is considering new or different visions in regards to hierarchies of influence, proritising and looking at what’s important. Digging deeper than the surface level goals and peeling back the layers will uncover the critical elements that may not have been recognised. Once goals are set around these principle activities of significance, priorities are easily put into place and each achieved goal will ripple outwards externally; and internally, creating balance in more areas of your life.

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Changing habits is effectively shifting ‘bad’ habits and/or forming ‘good’ habits through assessing and analysing your lifestyle. Changing your style of living can be achieved through many techniques of positive re-enforcement, skills, understanding and personal drive.

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Redefining success occurs when the origin of certain beliefs and values are examined and modified to align with your core values and higher self-knowledge. External distortions lead less and instead internal truths become more meaningful and superior in assigning the definitions of importance in your life.

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Overcoming problems and challenges is about answering the questions that you have within them, this solves uncertainty and therefore resolves internal conflict and lessens complications and predicaments. The conscious acknowledgment of your internal answers reveal resolutions and solutions. The exploration into yourself and your world also, not only brings opportunities and supporters into emergence but it also makes you attentive to these opportunities.

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