Get Out Of Your Way!

"I totally loved this course! It transformed my thinking about purpose and how I could move my life on."  - Carolyn



Every 4 weeks




Get Out Of Your Way! Self-Discovery Coaching provides a gathering place for women to participate in personal development through their personal worldview. Your self-discovery journey will be facilitated by a professional Life Coach who has supported women to take ownership of their personal power.

Engaging in a process that raises self-realisations, with each session you will embrace your uniqueness, identify core strengths, feeling energised and empowered to pursue tasks and actions that help you prioritise your life. In this space, you can be you without apology or feeling pressured to fit in with models that do not reflect who you are.


In 'Get Out Of Your Way!' you will:

• Have a personalized space and freedom to overcome challenges to achieving your goal
• Receive coaching that will result in clear, intentional and meaningful solutions to assist you on your journey
• Leave each session with practical actions to start working on
• Be made accountable for your actions each week by sitting in the Accountability Chair
• Complete a range of exercises and activities in preparation for each meeting
• Discover more about yourself and your purpose
• Give feedback and share your experiences with likeminded women
• Share with other women in a small intimate group


"I totally loved this course, my favorite session being finding our purpose. This was culturally specific and I could relate to so much of what we shared in the session. So often we go through life not looking at the strengths that we have gained from our family and ancestors. It’s through them we have gained our strength of purpose, strength of history and resilience. This transformed my thinking about purpose and how I could move aspects of my life on. A creative and beautiful course, in the comfort of your front room ~ where so many of our gems lie." Carolyn



• Group interaction with likeminded peers
• The opportunity to explore, create and develop an adventurous life path
• Knowing that you are not alone on the journey
• A totally non-judgemental
• Support from a professional, certified Life Coach
• Motivation and inspiration to make your life an adventure
• Satisfaction from creating new life experiences and developing new skills
• Certificate of Achievement towards your CPD


"In using the Self Exploration webinar course, it enabled me to make concious decisions, to be more organised with my life, to have a plan of action and to reflect on my life more seriously. The sessions made me think, made me prepare for pending sessions and I learnt to follow through what I had thought during conversations. I found I was more productive with all aspects of my life as I had a plan of action after the questions which was put to me. Through these sessions I am now putting my thoughts into action by means of taking early retirement in order to concentrate on my business. Effective time management is crucial." - Jalika


What you can expect:

• 10 Women
• 4 Weeks
• 2 Hour Sessions
• Weekly Field Tasks
• Worksheets
• Personal Journal
• Life Coaching
• Set Life Goals
• Create Action Plans
• Light Refreshments




The Sanctuary, Tangmere Drive, Castle Vale, Birmingham, B35 7PX